When it happens by Susane Colasanti

Friday, May 15, 2009

Plot: "Sara is entering her senior year hoping that she'll find true love. She is encouraged when Dave asks her out. He is part of the in crowd, and she begins to hang out with his friends, at the expense of her relationships with her girlfriends. Next, readers hear from Tobey. He has slept with a couple of girls, but is uncomfortable with that kind of relationship. He thinks Sara is his real thing, and he asks her friend Laila to help him win her over. Tobey and Sara become partners in music class and find they have much in common. Dave, on the other hand, is a disappointment to her. When he pressures Sara to sleep with him, she finally realizes that she confused her attraction to his good looks and connections with honest feelings. Through alternating chapters, readers get the perspectives of Tobey and Sara about their developing relationship. The easy style of the writing reflects how teens speak, and some of the characters' language is realistically gritty. This is a fun romance with lots of dialogue."
I loved the story of Tobi and Sara, Couldn't put it down, I loved how it flipped back and fourth between her point of view and his! This helps you personally relate to each of them. You root for them to be together. There's a lot of references to pop culture items that helped me totally visualize the story. This was a very true to life teen romance.
Review: If you are looking for a fluffy teen romance novel that will leave you smiling, you'll like this book.


Canada said...

An amusing but ultimately insubstantial tale of two high schoolers who are polar opposites on the surface, yet turn out to be soulmates underneath. Sara is smart, driven, and is going to NYU to become an urban planner. Tobey buries his intelligence under his slacker behavior, and is more interested in making it big with his garage band than pursuing his education (higher or otherwise). So of course they're fated to be together!

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