Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Plot: Jennifer Harris has exactly one friend in her entire elementary school...Carmeron Quick. They are both out casted geeks who only fit in with each other. They are constantly teased and ridiculed. They desperate cling to each others companionship, and hold on to each other for dear life...that is until Carmeron disappears without a word. Jennifer is stunned when her classmates inform her that Carmeron is dead and she totally closes down, until her mom finally finishes night school, remarries and moves them into a better neighborhood at the start of her high school career. This move gives Jennifer Harris a chance to reinvent herself as Jenna Vaugh and finally be in the in crowd. Things are finally going great for Jenna, she's got the right friends, the right clothes and the right boyfriend...so why does she still feel like something is missing?

Okay...let me just say this book is NOT a typical YA romance novel. It's filled with some very deep and emotional issues that effect kids everyday, but is rarely discussed openly.

Review: I kept reading because it had some amazing flash backs that left me hanging and I just had to know how these flash backs helped shape Jenna. I enjoyed this book...until the very end. It didn't leave me with much closer and this is not the type of book that has a sequel, so if you don't like open endings...this ones for you.


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