Need by Carrie Jones

Monday, May 18, 2009

Plot: Zara is sent off to live with her Grandmother in some little town in Maine because after her father's death her mother cannot care for own teenage daughter. When Zara meets her new classmates she developed connections with the sexy Nick and the overachiever Ian and finds she not the only one who notices something weirds going on. Zara soon learns this little town in Maine has a history of teenage boys going missing that is now repeating itself. Zara learns that a pixie king is kidnapping these boys to relieve his need, hunger for blood and will continue to do this until he is mated with a queen. It's up to Zara to untangle this mysterious web of secrets and save these boys.
Okay the stalking faery in the woods hooked me! Plus he leaves trails of gold glitter everywhere he goes, so it's proof she's not crazy, that he is actually real. I just wish a little more happened with the love interest in this book. Other than that excellent Read!
Review: If you are a Twilight fan, you'll love this book.
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