My Education As a Vampire by B. Michael Allen

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plot: The story is about a group of teens that get attacked and turned and find themselves trying to figure out how to survive in their new lives. This book was interesting, it was a different take then most YA, a little more geared toward the harsh reality of what a vampire really is vs. the romantic relationships they have (Which is what most YA vamp books are geared toward

I would think this would be a vamp book the the boys would enjoy, although young girls may be interested in the friendships in the book.

Sidebar: This is the authors first book and I picked it up at my local Barnes&Noble when he was doing a book signing. I met B. Michael Allen and he was a very nice guy, he told me this story actually started out as a bedtime story for his boys and they liked it so much he just starting writing it down everyday so he wouldn't forget the story.

Review: The book itself was very short, not real detailed, but like I said it was his first book..With that being said, if you like vampire stories you'll probably like this quick little read (only 176 pages) but just don't expect a lot of relationship drama. This book I thought would be geared more towards young adolescent boys because it's filled with more fighting and survival and not romance. There is a second book out called The Twins which I bought also and will get around to eventually.


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