Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ohhh where to start with this book! It was totally cute, and I loved it. It was well written, and jumps back and fourth in first person perspective from Jordan and Courtney so you know how they are both feeling...Loved it!

Review: Must Read

Plot: Courtney and Jordan were once a happy couple...but now they are broken up and Courtney is crushed. Not only did Jordan break up with her and break her heart, but the explanation for why was he is now in love with a myspace Internet girl. Can you imagine! Anyway, Jordan dumps her right before graduation and ruins their plans to go off to school together since they are going to be attending the same college. Courtney is appalled that her parents are still going to make her go on the road trip to college in Boston with Jordan since the cost of a plane ticket is too much last minute. Courtney dreads this trip, and yet Jordan is looking forward to it???Let's just say things on the road trip get interesting, and maybe things aren't always as they seem.

You gotta read this book to find out what happens to Courtney and Jordan :) I loved it, I just was hoping for something a little more dramatic, but overall an awesome book.


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