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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As many of you know, I heart anything paranormal or urban fantasy, so I got really excited when I discovered this vampire gem on Amazon today.

The Emerald Talisman (Volume 1)
Grade 9 Up - To be normal, sixteen-year-old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second. Life has been difficult since her mother's mysterious disappearance ten years earlier - an event she witnessed, but can't remember. Julia's situation becomes more complicated after a near death experience from a blood thirsty stalker. As high school students go missing it is clear there is a connection to her own experience--past and present. Someone has to stop the madness and a chance encounter with a creepy psychic foretells that only Julia is the key to stopping the madness, but it may require the life of the one she loves.

I had never hear of this one, so I ordered it. When I read it I'll post my review, but I thought I'd share my discovery with you guys! :) Have any of you read this one and can give me the low down??


Anonymous said...

I haven't read this one, but I look forward to your review.

LM Preston said...

I haven't heard of this one either. But also check out LA Banks new YA vamp novel, Shadow Walker. I was hoping to scoop it up at the ALA conference, but they didn't have any available. Can't wait for your review on this one though.

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