Chacters: How Do You Picture Them? My Twilight Example

Monday, July 5, 2010

Okay so I was thinking about way back when I first read TWILIGHT, before all the movie hype, back when it was only my imagination that created the infamous Edward Cullen. The world now thinks of Edward as Robert Pattinson--

--but this morning I was watching "A Walk to Remember" on cable and I was reminded that another actor was my 'ideal' Edward when I first read the books. The actor, Shane West, to me has the perfect crooked smile and reddish/brown mussed hair as described in the novels, so the entire time I read those books I pictured him.

Needless to say, when I first saw Robert Pattinson I was one of the people disappointed with their choice simply because it's not how I pictured my beloved Edward. LOL

So I'm curious...any actors remind you of characters in novels? Who was/is your Edward?



Shalena @ Writer Quirk said...

I actually didn't picture Edward like this either (I think I had a more classical vampire look in mind) but I pictured Dakota Fanning as Jane from day one. Except, I had imagined her actually looking like the book with short brown hair, not blond, and younger.

Krista Ashe said...

I never had a chance to not picture RPatz as Edward since I started reading the books in early November, right before the movie came out. But that guy is cute too. That movie is sweet and sad, lol.

Jennifer Walkup said...

Great question. I didn't have an actor pictured as Edward when I read the books but I agree on being disappointed when I saw Robert Pat as Edward. The version in my head was better.:)

Anonymous said...

i didnt picture edward the way he was but they did a good job..but shane west is my other love..they are both caring for who there with and how they are when there around them..its just amazing..i want a person like that for me

Anonymous said...

Rpat is amazing as Edward, but Shane is hot too. I see Shane more as Stephen in Vampire Diaries.

Anonymous said...

Shane West is hooott and has perfect lips. But, he's ooold.
Robert is perfect for the rol

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