Blogger Is Driving Me Crazy!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blogger wouldn't let me access my site yesterday and kept saying the blog did not exisit, now I can finally look at my blog...all my comments are gone :( Anyone else having this problem????


Kaitlin Ward said...

I hope your comments come back! It's been very weird for me lately, but *knock on wood* hasn't blocked me from accessing my own blog yet.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

On Tuesday, I started having trouble with my comments. The bottom of the template was cutting off the word verification info, so I got a lot fewer comments on my teaser. I fixed it by changing the comments field so it pops up in a separate window.

Today, it told me that I had to sign in through my "old" Blogger account, whatever that means.

Annie McElfresh said...

Glad to see I wasn't alone with my blogger frustrations!! My comments randomly came back this afternoon. LOL So weird!

LM Preston said...

I hope everything got fixed. I didn't have problems with bloggers yesterday thankfully. I'm glad you are plugged back in.

Horserider said...

The only problem I've been having with blogger is that it won't keep me logged in after I shut down. Even if I check "Remember Me" before I log in, the next morning I still have to log in again. Before this week it had never done that to me before. *knocks on wood* Glad to hear the comments are back!

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