Teaser Tuesday Time!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey guys, Tuesday Teaser time again. I went ahead and posted a little more of last weeks scene for you since I teased you so much with the ending. :) Thanks for all the awesome feedback last week! Enjoy.

Exerpt: love you no, matter what. (280 words)

Thanks for looking :)


Jamie B said...

Can I read the whole thing??? Can you just send it to me? Seriously - I have to read this!!

Krista Ashe said...

Nice sexual tension!! I may need to turn the ceiling fan on in here!!! Which WIP is this from again?

I really want to read the rest....heh, heh, especially this scene you naughty girl!!!

Anonymous said...

*fans self* My goodness! Very good tension! Pixy likey. :) Pixy wanna read more!!!

Stephanie said...

Very hot, Annie. Post more. Now. Please?

Sarah said...

Damn! I'm excited to read this when it gets published!

Becca said...

Oh DAMN! Loved the sexual tension! :D

Leah Michelle said...

Pfft! This didn't help last weeks! You still left us at a horrible, terrible spot lol.
Of course I love it!
But now I need to go take a cold shower :P

Anonymous said...

Hot. :)

Anonymous said...

how do i read it?

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