Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Monday, June 1, 2009

Plot: Lauren is a teenage girl who seems to have, looks, and the guy every girl wants. Her relationship with Dave helps her feel apart of her high school's elite inner circle, and makes her question herself constantly...why me? Lauren is dumbfounded that someone as perfect as Dave would love her enough to be the only girl he's ever shared his secret with. Dave has made a promise of celibacy to himself because of his religious beliefs, and that is a major struggle for Lauren who constantly doubts the real reason he wants to be with her. Their relationship consists of limited touching and kissing and that does not help her to feel very wanted.

So after a year and a half of a no hanky-panky boring relationship with Dave things get shaken up a bit in Lauren's world when blast-from-the-past Evan returns into her life. Evan is unlike any boy she's ever known and now she realizes she's got a tough choice to make.

Review: For all you YA writers out there...pick this one up! It has great teen voice in 1st person present and makes you feel Lauren is really telling you the story. I loved this little YA contemporary novel...but I am a sucker for love triangles. So if ya got the time, get this one.


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