Dead Girl Walking / Dead Girl Dancing by Linda Joy Singleton

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Plot: BOOK ONE------Amber Borden has the worse since of direction ever! But that didn't stop her from trying to show the popular new girl the way to Jessica Bradley's in-crowd party. Things get totally screwed up when Amber gets them lost, and wind up in a graveyard instead. They eventually make it to the party and Amber over hears everyone call her a loser behind her back.

Upset, Amber goes home, and because she has the worst timing ever she gets hit by the mail-lady, which causes her to have an out-of-body experience. Amber finds that she has suddenly been body swapped with the most popular girl in school. Leah Montgomery. Can Amber survive as the most popular girl just being herself?

BOOK TWO---- Pretty much the same concept, just this time Amber's in a new body.

Review: I liked these little books. They were tiny, only like 250 pages each so I just read them back to back to make one big book. The end of the second one tells about Amber jumping into her next there will be a third one. If you like sci-fi, good and bad angels kinda stuff you'll probably like these. For me, I dunno, I liked them...didn't love 'em.


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