The Devil of Jedburgh

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This would probabaly be closer to 4 1/2 stars. A hot love interest who wears a kilt and talks with a Scottish accent? Um, yes, please!!

I've been reading outside my YA genre lately, and since I love historical fiction, I decided to give historical romance a try. Since Breghan is only nineteen in the book, I guess that it isn't far disposed from YA!

I loved that Breghan was a sassy, spunky woman of the 17th century. Even though she'd heard horrible stories about Arran, she always stood her ground and stood up to him and the patriarchal society she found herself in. Their chemistry was red hot from the first moment they met(even though he didn't know who she was). Of course, her spunk sometimes drove her away from Arran and would have served her a few times to read things between them a little differently.

Arran's devil reputation was only the product of legends. Instead of being a beast, he's a hottie with a sad past in love that leaves him emotionally stunted when it comes to love. Sure, he wouldn't mind a roll in the hay with Breghan, but he doesn't want to marry her bc he totally separates marriage and love. Plus, he only wants a wife to give him heirs.

Would totally recommend this to anyone who loves historical romance, and even though I read the eARc, I'll probably buy this one when it comes out. Great steamy scenes, historical tidbits interspersed(had never heard of handfasting, which is where a man would take a woman for a year as a trial marriage. If he liked her, he'd marry her, if not, he'd send her back to her family), and swoonworthy hero....and a sweet romance!


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