Midnight Sun: Edward Attacks Bella In Bio Scene

Sunday, May 22, 2011

YouTube has opened my eyes to a few little informational nuggets this week. Today I want to share a YouTube I came across of Edward attacking Bella in Bio. I never knew this was ever shot for the film, but if you read Midnight Sun then you already know Edward thought intensely about killing Bella in this scene. I just love anything visual, so I'm glad I came across this because let's be honest, any new Twilight scenes are fun for us YA people.

What do you guys think? Was this one a keeper??


We Heart YA said...

Lol honestly? No, I'm glad it was cut from the movie. But it's fun to see as an outtake!

Maria said...

I remember sitting there watching this scene in the theater (not ever reading the books) and I knew that's what he was thinking. When you read a lot of Vampire books you kinda figure things out like that. You just start understand more of how they are. But I don't think it would have mad much of a difference if they kept it. But thanks for sharing! It was kool to see

Deana said...

Ooo,see I kind of wish that would have been kept in the movie...except he is totally groping her while he is trying to kill her:) I really liked Edwards perspective in Midnight Sun though.

By the way, I am totally digging your blog!

My anxious life said...
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My anxious life said...

Good find!


Katie said...

wow they should have put this in the movie!!!! it would have been totally awesome!!!

Katie said...

or atlest it should have been on the dvd

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