Musical Motivation: Evanescence VS We Are the Fallen

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Okay, so may I live under a rock and I totally didn't know there was a huge battle going one between Evanescence and their former band mates who have started We Are the Fallen. The fans are apparently very passionate about this subject. Like most YA writers, I love Evanescence. There's just something so inspiring about songs about dark, twisted love. After all, isn't that what the Young Adult genre is all about?

So when I was browsing youtube to watch some Evanescence for some writing motivation this popped up:

After I watched that, I immediately looked up the new band.

I mean, I love Amy Lee and her style, but great music is great music. As long as it sounds amazing and inspires me, I love it. I totally think there's room for both bands because there's been such a huge void in the female lead Gothic rock since Amy Lee's band Evanescence hasn't put out a full record since 2006. I wish I would've known about We Are the Fallen's album release back in 2010.

So here it is my fellow writers and Evanescence fans. What do you think? Do you rock out when you write?


Anonymous said...

I am fan of both bands as I am Gothic girl who also get inspiration from Gothic rock so I would not mind both bands. I am a fan of both of them...

Katie said...

idk she seems like too close of an imitation of Amy...

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