Flash Back Fridays: Old School Fashion

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just because I am a total follower, I'm posting a Flashback Friday because my good friend, Krista Ashe, tossed up some TOTALLY AWESOME posts at her blog and over at GotYA. So anyway the topic is 80s and 90s fashion, and because you all are cool, I'm willing to share some old 80s and 90s personal trends with you.

Ah, yes, the 80s. Time of the fabulous bowl cuts, even for girls (Thanks Mom). As you can see I was less than enthused with my fake Santa while I rocked my multicolored fish sweatshirt and I'm sure high-water pants. I'm so glad we don't "peg" our pants anymore. LOL

The 90s *Sigh*, I really can't say anything bad about these days other than they were, like, totally radical. Like most people who write young adult novels, I too loved high school, and would love to have it to do over again. Where are those dang wish granting fairies when you need them. Besides buying a hair straightener, I think I would also encourage myself to pay more attention in English class, and less time worrying about boys. If we only knew then, what we know now, right??

So now that I've shared a little personal flashback with you, anything from your past that you miss or totally wish you could do over???


Krista Ashe said...

HAHA, I love how you're totally not digging Santa Claus, lmao! And yes, my mom did some bad hair cuts to me too! LOL

Good times, such good times!

Thanks for playing along this week!!! I HUGGLES YOU BUNCHES!!!

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