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Monday, November 30, 2009

Name: Natalie (Nat) Sugarman

Age: 16

Nickman: Sugarman

Best Friends: She doesn’t really have any friends…but does a secret boyfriend count?

Favorite Musical Group: Veronicas

How Does She Spends Her Free Time: Having secret relationships with people out of her league, and fending off nightmares of a five-year-old soul stealing demon

Appearance: 5’5”, A curvy size 7, Likes the emo look—anything black works just fine. Long, straight, unnaturally black hair, and brown eyes.

Personality Traits: Nat is a dianosised paranoid schizophrenic, but she know’s she’s not crazy. Just because everyone doubts her story about exchanging her soul to a five year old demon to save her mother’s life doesn’t mean it isn’t true and if it wasn’t for her mom blabbing her mental issues to the entire prep crowd, her life would still be peachy.

Extracurricular Activities: Does making out count??? If not, how about avoiding people at Licking Heights at all costs?

Talents: Artistic

Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights
Favorite Color: Black

(Photo of Missy Peregrym as Nat)


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LOL Funny

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