Tuesday Teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This my shiny new intro to The Dying Curse :) Hope you like it!

Snipit: The Dying Curse (YA Paranormal Romance)

Thanks for checking it out :)


Stephanie said...

I love this new opening, Annie. It gets right to the paranormal part. Great teaser! :D

*Team Colin*

Becca said...


*Team Oakley*

I've already read this, but still love it. :D

CupofDice said...

Hooks throughout, then catches you with the mystery at the end.

Paranormalchick said...

Hahahahahaha Can I be on both teams??? I just can't choose between them LOL

Laura said...

I've already read this, too, but I still LOVE IT!

Paranormalchick said...

Thanks for the love from my Beta readers who've already looked over my shiny new chapter one :) Love you guys!!!!

Kaitlin Ward said...

Very nice! So much mystery :D

Karla said...

Oh no! I meant to check this sooner! I was caught up with school. And now 'tis gone :(

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