Hazing of Meri Sugarman by M. Apostolina

Friday, August 14, 2009

Plot: "College freshman Cindy Bixby equates popularity with belonging to a sorority. She pledges Alpha Beta Delta and idolizes her sisters. Their president, Meri Sugarman, is the most revered and powerful student on campus. These girls get all A's without going to class, have the best parties, and are flown by helicopter to Vegas whenever they desire. Cindy overlooks the fact that they call her Bow Wow (she thinks it's a term of endearment) and give her horribly humiliating tasks. When Meri's former boyfriend shows an interest in Cindy, however, she is kicked out of the sorority and learns that Meri will hurt anyone to get what she wants. Cindy and her friends then set out to eliminate the evil coed's power over the school. Alpha Beta Delta is more like the mafia than a sorority; the girls routinely use wiretapping, blackmail, and torture."

Plot: This book was funny and a great college-aged read. The love scenes where super-sexy and I rooted for Cindy Bixby to get the mean girl Meri the whole time. This is the first book in the series, so I am looking forward to reading the rest.


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