Submerge (Sequel to Lure) by Stephanie Jenkins

Friday, June 3, 2011

One month has passed since Charlotte revealed her world to Wyatt and now, she’s running out of time. The Winter Solstice is under three months away, and she’s still immortal. To complicate matters, she’s stuck with Lorelei’s old job of guiding bad souls—a curse that pulls her to the sea like a magnet she can’t possibly ignore. When Matt returns to town and the banished goddess of temptation shows up claiming she’s in charge of watching over Charlotte, it’s apparent that her senior year will blow.

The siren hunter is back, the gods are furious, and as the goddess of temptation toys with the male—and female—population of Gloucester, Charlotte can’t help but notice that Wyatt is pulling away from her. When her time is up, will Charlotte chose love and mortality or protecting the ones she loves from the gods she’s offended?

Expected publication July 1, 2011!!! So if you haven't read LURE (Siren's Call) you better get on it so you're ready to snap up book number two soon!

Lure's Book Trailer:


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Loved the sound of this book enough to get my copy of Lure so I can read Submerge next. Thanks for the heads up on this new author.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Thanks so much, Annie! <3

Anonymous said...

Wher e can I purchase the sequel?

Anonymous said...

Same here I can't find Submerge anywhere?

Annie McElfresh said...

Submerge release date was pushed back a ways. I'll update as soon as I know something.

Anonymous said...

Just read Lure and I loved it!! I just stumbled here trying to find where I can purchase Submerge. What is the latest on this one?

Anonymous said...

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