Carter Finally Gets it by Brent Crawford

Sunday, July 19, 2009


"Will Carter is about to start high school and worries about finding his place and making his mark, especially when it come to girls. Carter isn't exactly smooth, he's got ADD and tends to stutter in moments of duress (expecially when fixated with boobs, tits, and belly buttons), but he has a great group of friends, dogged determination, and a wise sister who'll help him stumble through his freshman year, find his first love, face down the school bully, and learn who he really is. Crawford's debut is hysterical from start to finish. Readers will find themselves muffling uncontrollable laughter as they rush to find out what clumsy escapade Carter will plunge himself into next."

Review: Very rarely does a book actually make me laugh out loud, but this one did several times. For some odd reason I feel like I actually got inside an fourteen year-old boy's mind. This book reveals all those little things that a guy feels during momentous teenage moments in life. Great book, very funny. Make the time to read this one.


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Sounds interesting!

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