Musical Mondays: Apocalyptica

Monday, August 15, 2011

Apocalyptica is one of those bands who create such beautiful music it's easy to draw your own artisitc abilities from their infulence. Their songs can reach down into your soul and pull out an inner darkness that's buried so deep, you'll be surprised on the kinda of emotion you can create for your characters. Apocalyptica, along with a few other bands are my go-to source when I need a little writing inspiration. They can help me get into someone else's mind and emotion, which helps me flesh out my novel. I also love how they feature a new singer in every song! Keeps it fresh with the same errie beats. If you ever have a chance to see them live...DO IT! They are awesome! Here are a few videos that blew me away! Enjoy!!

End of Me:


Broken Pieces:

Not Strong Enough:

I Don't Care:


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Thanks for sharing. Great post and happy Friday! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Also, I’m a new follower— wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

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