Demon Chick by Marilyn Kaye

Sunday, February 14, 2010

 Title: Demon Chick
Author: Marilyn Kaye

Demon Chick
Grade 9 Up—Jessica Hunsucker has no life. Her father is long dead, and her mother is a distant, radically driven politician who has no time for her. While she is miserable, she is getting along as best she can—until she wakes up in the middle of the night on her 16th birthday to find a demon in her room. Brad has come to collect her, in return for her mother's successful rise to the Presidency of the United States—and perhaps beyond. Before she can blink, they are in Hell, in a tacky suburban ranch house. Oh, and she and Brad are supposed to be mates. He doesn't force the issue, and their lives fall into a sort of dull existence. Nearly bored out of her mind, Jessica follows her mother's campaign, learning of the world dictatorship she craves. The teen needs to find a way to stop the woman before she creates Hell on Earth. The story moves quickly, offering a very different view of Hell than readers have ever imagined. Brad and Jessica are entertaining characters, and readers will cheer them on as they attempt to save the world and work through their rocky relationship.—Melyssa Malinowski, Kenwood High School, Baltimore, MD END
My Thoughts:

I have to say the idea that Hell is a suburb down the street is kinda of funny. There were some funny one liners in this novel and the idea that a demon gets a mate assigned was a nice twist. Over all a fun, quick, read.


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